i love swings

this evening after work, i found myself finally meeting up with stefan, because yknow, someone is always so busy with filming (i don’t know if he rejected that mini role or not) and work. we changed our meet up location so many times i wasn’t even sure we were going to meet, but we did! we went to 5 square for $5/pint of 1664… only to rush our orders because it was only from 5pm to 8pm and we were both late and only reached around 730pm.

a little after 5 pints with a lot of catching up to do, it was almost 10pm and i had this genius idea to find the swings (that charlene brought qi, sera and i to when we were all tipsy). i have zero sense of direction even without alcohol in me… and well i couldn’t really remember how to get to the swings. which ended up with stefan and i google mapping our way to “jubilee walk” because it was the only thing i remembered.

it did not cross our minds that jubilee walk would be SO long. i mean it felt very far since we were both a little tipsy… but he really tried to find the place because i made him promise earlier. needless to say, after about 30 minutes of walking, we couldn’t find the place and we stumbled upon a pretty quiet and chill area with seats made for lying down, so we crashed there, trying to fit the both of us on that curved (?) seat.

but it was then van texted me all of a sudden telling me about ivan and that i should be there for markus. even when i was tipsy, it was a little painful. i think i see both markus and jieyi as my brothers and it hurt when i thought about how he was feeling, especially being stuck in army 5 days till his pop.

so thank you, for being there for me, like you always have been. i know you usually just knock sense into me because i act like i am a wooden block but… thank you for tonight.


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