i have been working every single day this week and it has been a little draining. i did closing last night at midnight, which also meant that by the time i reached home, bathed, slacked around (to dry my hair), it was past 2am, almost 3am. having to set an alarm at 530am made me die a little inside, but at the beginning of the year i promised i would be there for both your pop, so i had to turn up.

i woke up feeling like death, with a headache but i didn’t want to be late at all so i got out of bed, bathed and headed out of the house. i managed to reach the floating platform at 645am, found a seat (alone) and waited for the ceremony to start.


it was funny to see parents, grandparents and just family members getting so excited when their sons or grandsons or brothers march past them. it’s just so singaporean for them to act like “my son is the only important one in this parade so i’m going to stand up and take awesome pictures of him not caring that i’m going to block people from the row behind.” and this is a chain reaction because once someone’s view is blocked, the person stands and everyone ends up standing. this really irked me because HELLO, we each have a seat for a reason and we can all see perfectly fine if you (i.e. first person who caused this chain reaction) sat your ass down.

bad mood ht did not last very long because the parade ended and it was time to find the boys. i felt like a proud mama when it was announced that markus was gryphon’s best recruit! after about an hour of trying to locate them (jieyi had zero idea where he was and told us to walk to the left — because he was facing a different direction, while markus was stuck at a long reception after receiving his award).

we finally found jieyi and by then we were all asked to clear the area, but markus was still stuck at the reception. what warms my heart was that when jieyi’s parents wanted to leave already, jieyi said “i promised markus i would wait for him no matter what” and after he said that, we all stayed to wait! i really am a sucker for people who keep their promises… i really felt so happy knowing i have friends like that.

markus finally got out and we all talked for a while before he had to go and visit ivan. i followed jieyi’s family for breakfast, before heading to get coffee and go to work.

IMG_2017-06-26 11:41:53

just look at them!!! i love the both of you so, so much i’m so glad we are friends.

IMG_2017-06-26 11:41:31

this was supposed to be a really nice picture…

markus: eh tong! let’s take a picture leh.
me: sure!
*posing for picture*
samuel: oh i should join the picture too!


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