getting to know a friend

tonight, i met up with howard for dinner and drinks. it was supposed to be huangliang, victor, howard and i but victor had cell group and huangliang was working. we both decided it would be a shame if we cancelled our plans just like that so we met up at kovan instead since it was nearer for the both of us.

so much for dinner, we got a tower of 1664 with 2 small sides just so that we wouldn’t end up puking. i was worried it would be awkward because i have never really talked to howard without the rest of the group, but it turned out fine. with an increasing amount of alcohol in our systems, there was no filtering of words and questions and answers. and i like that. this is something i really love about drinking.

anyway, he was asking why i would trust stefan so much (etc), and the truth is, i have been asked this question so many times by different people. everyone who knows the both of us and don’t know that he has a girlfriend, always assumes i’m his girlfriend. which is weird, because i treat him as a friend and we have friendly-sometimes-lowblow banters and we do just-friends stuff together. so i said that it was because i know he is someone i can trust since he follows my extra private account and i know he cares enough to read to see what is going on… and he will only ask about those things when we meet up after god knows how long. i find our friendship really low maintenance and if you know me… i have changed so much over the past few years, so much so i appreciate having such friendships instead of the kind where i have to text the person every single day. call it being lazy or growing up… or a defense mechanism.

it was finally time to head home and let me just say that motion sickness plus alcohol should never, ever meet. i ended up puking after i alighted from the bus.


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