you can’t force someone to just eat

i think i have a backlog of entries i have been meaning to post but haven’t because they aren’t coherent. in any case, i love wordpress because i get to adjust the post timings accordingly (to whatever-initially-desired-date-that-i-didn’t-post timing).

anyway, i came across this netflix movie that is scheduled to be released in july, and i am so, So, SO excited! *cues internal screaming and cheering* i love movies like this, you know they end up having happy endings usually (and i’m actually not a fan of happy endings)… nevertheless, it’s movies about self-help or like, struggling and almost dying then finally surviving that REALLY get to me. basically the lead has to (almost) die in the movie to spark my interest; somewhat sadistic but i strongly believe movies are meant to be representative of real life, not some fantasy life that we all know we can never live. to be honest, watching the trailer was somewhat triggering… but i guess if it’s triggering it means they did something right, right?

so bottomline is that to the bone is going to be released in july and i can’t wait!


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