the past 1.5 months at work have been great

i had a really good time working today. it was my first sf shift alone and although i was very stressed out by the fact that i was going to work alone (even though i screwed up at scoop a few times)… because i felt i wasn’t going to be able to cope. i didn’t fall asleep easily last night; was still up at 4am trying to convince myself i wouldn’t make unforgivable mistakes. i finally fell into a restless sleep and woke up at 8am so that i could reach sf early to do opening at my own time. clyde made me coffee without me asking… when i strolled into group therapy at 10am looking exhausted even though it was just the start of the day. i’m really thankful for this kind gesture! sometimes i think he can read people’s feelings so well it awes me… because it means he actually pays close attention to the people around him, and this is rare of humans in general.

anyway, i walked up to sf to do opening (gave myself an extra 30 minutes just in case i forgot anything). to my surprise, deborah texted me all the things to do for opening! just as a reminder because she was going to be at duxton the entire day. this was a major lifesaver — it calmed me down because i had a checklist instead of having to depend on my memory of what deborah verbally briefed me on saturday. SO THANKFUL for that; where else will i ever meet such a nice boss?

i think both amos and weilin could sense that i was nervous as heck from inside the kitchen. amos was so nice, he kept reassuring me i was doing fine on my own… and it really helped to calm my nerves because honestly, i kept thinking i would trip over my own legs while serving the dishes (you know when you keep getting those scenarios of ALL the things that could go wrong, going wrong). weilin was so gracious too! she would tell me the orders and table numbers without rushing me and even talked to me when it wasn’t busy.

i don’t know how to express my gratitude in words, but from the bottom of my heart, i really am so grateful for nice bosses and full-timers who take their time to reassure me that i am doing okay, that i can actually cope on my own. it’s so heartwarming to have been able to meet a bunch of kind souls at work.

sigh, i am just so, so thankful.

anyway, when we were trying to fix the stand (which we couldn’t in the end), weilin was being her usual self — she made me walk around holding the signboard for the deals (to advertise SINCE THE STAND was spoilt) and she took a video of it to send to the entire gtc team?!!! all that time i thought she meant it when she told me to hold the sign for people to see so i was really pacing around the area until after she took the video, she laughed and said “oi i was just kidding la i’m not so mean. put the sign down and help me (fix the stand).” she also got a little annoyed by this man who was looking down on two females trying to fix this stand, because he said something along the lines of “are you sure you don’t need me or amos to help?” bearing in mind he was amos’ friend and that was the first thing that came out of his mouth instead of a simple “hi“. weilin just rolled her eyes and mumbled at me.

after we did our best with the stand, she was doing dinner preparations and we started talking about church and stuff. i think the more i get to talk to her, the more i see her as an individual with a mind filled with intriguing thoughts that i never pictured her to have. i am also starting to see how humble she truly is… someone not boastful of her talents and intelligence. i was told that people get close to weilin faster than deborah, even though they are both the bosses, and i guess she is someone you find yourself wanting to talk to. oh, weilin even asked me to design her a tattoo based on her french bulldogs that she loves so, so much.

today was a really good day and i just had to type it all out before i got too lazy to type any of it (like all the other things i want to talk about but just cannot find the time to post them). i’m so thankful for the kind and generous people i have come across the past 1.5 months i have been working here. it makes my heart so happy.


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